About Suzanne

Meet Suzanne, an accomplished Property Manager with a rich background that spans over two decades in the mortgage and banking industry. Prior to venturing into real estate, Suzanne’s journey led her to become a qualified mortgage broker, eventually establishing and managing her own thriving mortgage broking business for an impressive 10 years. During this period, she cultivated a diverse skillset that laid the foundation for her success.

Suzanne’s exceptional ability to forge strong connections with her clientele stood out, resulting in numerous sales and customer service awards that recognized her unwavering dedication. Drawing from these personal experiences, Suzanne brings a unique perspective to her role, effortlessly guiding clients through the complexities of finance applications and property settlements. Her ‘can do’ attitude, nurtured through years of entrepreneurial ventures, is a guiding force that helps her excel in her capacity at Abel Property.

Having commenced her journey at the Cottesloe office, Suzanne seamlessly transitioned her expertise to the Leederville team as a Property Manager. Her profound knowledge of property management intricacies, coupled with her adept communication skills, positions her as an indispensable asset to the team. Her clarity in communication not only serves her well in her interactions with co-workers but also creates a bridge of understanding with her valued clients.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Suzanne radiates warmth and dedication to her family. Recognizing the significance of family time, she devotes her energy to nurturing her close-knit relationships. Her cherished moments involve supporting her daughter’s passion for dance and relishing quality time with friends.

Suzanne’s journey from mortgage broker to Property Manager showcases her adaptability, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Her ability to seamlessly blend her professional acumen with a genuine appreciation for familial bonds makes her a standout professional and a cherished team member at Abel Property.