Bringing Developments to Life – from Plan to Product

We know there are two components to make a development happen.  Strategy and Expertise. We have years of experience in both and have the know-how to launch a set of apartments or townhouses from off the plan, into a finished product.  Not every real estate agency in Perth has the capacity to reach that bar!

We manage a diverse portfolio of development types and sizes, and understand the nuances between selling a triplex, high rise, or a large-scale master planned development. Abel Property’s carefully curated team of industry professionals bring the right mix of experience to the table for impressive results.

  • Experienced team with a proven track record in Perth
  • Planning and research
  • Target market profiling
  • Innovative marketing and branding
  • Superior sales strategies
  • Pricing and revenue maximisation
  • Sell of off-plan and completed projects
  • Knowledge of specific development zones and their potential.
  • Understanding of current and upcoming development trends (e.g., sustainable building, mixed-use spaces).
  • Access to reliable data and market research to inform project feasibility and positioning.

Our value is reflected in the bottom line

Quite simply, a development’s sales and marketing roll out can be the difference between profit or loss. Our projects team spends the time to understand our clients and their projects back to front, because detailed insights are imperative.  We customise a strategy, depending on the unique requirements of the project and a developer’s objectives.

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