Jessica Ballard

Property Manager

About Jessica

Introducing Jessica, our dedicated Assistant Property Manager who thrives on the intricacies of leasing and property management, revelling in the behind-the-scenes efforts that drive the real estate industry. With an insatiable appetite for absorbing new knowledge, Jessica’s commitment to ongoing learning fuels her passion for delivering exceptional service.

Jessica’s forte lies in her exceptional organizational skills and an unwavering attention to detail, which she seamlessly applies to her role. Motivated by a relentless pursuit of excellence, she approaches each task with determination, eagerly embracing fresh challenges and consistently striving to exceed expectations.

With a foundational background in administration gained from her time at a prominent law firm, Jessica has finely honed her skills in residential and commercial settlements. She carries forward the invaluable lessons learned from both triumphs and setbacks, channelling them into a continuous journey of growth and improvement.

Driven by her deep respect for personal growth, Jessica draws inspiration from the achievements of those around her. Her genuine enthusiasm for human interaction shines through, making her an adept communicator and a natural team player. Jessica’s genuine fascination with the intricacies of real estate and her warm rapport with her co-workers bring a vibrant, enjoyable atmosphere to her role at Abel Property.

In Jessica, you’ll find not only a skilled Assistant Property Manager but also an individual who embraces challenges, values growth, and thrives on the collaborative spirit of the real estate environment. Her dedication to excellence, appetite for learning, and harmonious teamwork make her an invaluable asset to the Abel Property team.