Deirdre McTiernan

Property Consultant

About Deirdre

Passionate about service.

When it comes to selecting an agent who will consistently keep you feeling confident, connected, and genuinely cared for, there's no one quite like Deirdre.

Trustworthy, honest, and loyal; Deirdre is renowned for her unwavering commitment to putting her clients first, ensuring not only outstanding results but also fostering meaningful relationships—a talent that comes naturally to her.

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Deirdre empathises deeply with the mix of excitement and emotions that accompanies home ownership. That's precisely why she dedicates herself tirelessly to making the entire process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for each client she has the privilege of working with.

A self-professed perfectionist, she strives for excellence both within and beyond the office. Deirdre finds joy in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, spending most of her time either at the gym or relishing the outdoors.

While her family resides back in Ireland, there's nothing she treasures more than returning home for cherished moments of quality time together.