Brianna Ganzer

Assistant Property Manager

About Brianna

Holding a passion for fostering warmth and understanding, Brianna thrives in an environment that radiates a welcoming and familial energy

In the real estate industry, Brianna was surprised by the dedication property managers exhibit daily to accommodate the needs of both tenants and property owners, showcasing a remarkable level of care and commitment. Witnessing this empowers her sense of learning as she thrives in her new role.

The most satisfying aspect of Brianna’s role is witnessing the joy and relief from someone when providing them with the news of property approval. It’s these moments of happiness and fulfillment that drives her to go above and beyond in providing an exceptional service. Brianna can be described as always eager to expand her knowledge in this field, maintaining a positive attitude, and demonstrating adaptability in navigating the unexpected challenges that arise throughout the workday.

In her down time Brianna’s loves to read and listen to all things true crime related, loving the intrigue and fascination in unravelling mysteries in exploring human behaviour.

Brianna adheres to the values of empathy, diversity, and innovation, believing strongly in the power of inclusivity, and forward-thinking approaches to problem-solving.