Maya Sinclair

Land Sales

About Maya

Maya began as a member of the land sales team since February 2024. She expresses genuine enjoyment in her role, noting the constant learning opportunities, problem-solving challenges, and interactions with fantastic individuals. Each day in the land department is unique, keeping spirits high among the team. Maya emphasises their collective efficiency and camaraderie, which they hope reflects positively on their customers.

Having relocated to Australia in early 2024, Maya reflects on her personal growth, crediting a podcast series titled "Diary of a CEO" for significant mindset development. She underscores the universal nature of human experiences and the efficacy of adopting strategies that have proven successful for others. Maya's optimism and perseverance are evident in her belief that concerted effort towards her goals yields positive outcomes.

Maya draws inspiration from her close friend of nine years, Erin, who played a pivotal role in her move to Australia. Erin's unwavering positivity, supportiveness, and kindness serve as a constant reminder for Maya to approach life with empathy and understanding, irrespective of personal challenges.

Beyond her philosophical outlook, Maya shares her passions for adrenaline, animals, fitness, travel, the beach, and food. Her bucket list includes experiences like speedboat rides, elephant rides in Thailand, exploring the Great Barrier Reef, and dining at Gordon Ramsay's restaurants. Despite her varied interests, Maya values simplicity and treasures intangible experiences and relationships as the most valuable aspects of life.