Sell before buying or buy before selling?

It’s a question that often comes up when looking to move to a new home. While there are certain obvious advantages of selling your existing home first, there can also be ben­efits when the situation is reversed. Abel Property Director Claude Iaconi explained the pros and cons for both to help indiv


Homes staged to perfection

Presenting a home as attractively as possible before putting it on the market is nothing new; a fresh coat of paint, clearing the clutter and sprucing up the gardens are all part of selling a home. Home staging, however, takes the idea of making a home look more attrac­tive to a whole new level, by


Possums in Perth

Not as rare as you may think, sometimes we receive requests from our tenants to control a wide variety of pests and perhaps the least odious, but possibly the noisiest, are possums. Hearing thumping in the ceiling when you go to bed can be disconcerting, to say the least yet in the Perth metropolit


Why local legs are best

There’s no denying the internet is a powerful tool when harnessed correctly. However it can be full of inaccurate information which can be potentially misleading. It’s a great place to start when it comes to searching for the next home of your dreams, however there’s no replacement for a local agen


How to prepare your property for Professional Photography

The key to a great photoshoot is advance preparation. Your online advertisement will either attract or deter prospective tenants. To obtain the best possible light to attract great tenants assisting with achieving the highest rental return – it is always best to clear the clutter out of every


5 ways to avoid spending too much on your renovation

Just like cricket and football, home renovating is now something of a national pastime. Home renovations across the nation topped a whopping $31 billion in 2016[1]. There are countless DIY blogs, YouTube videos and home-beautifying magazines driving the trend. Popular reality TV shows where a bathr


Renters enjoy the Upper Hand

Perth renters are demanding landlords cut rents and buy new furniture to woo them as the number of properties on the market hits an all-time high. Emboldened by a flood of new rental stock and WA’s slowing economy, agents say renters who would have queued for a property two years ago are now negoti


$50,000 Bill After Act of Kindness

A good Samaritan who rented her house to a homeless mother of six is facing a damage bill estimated at $50,000. Allison Newnham was working in London three years ago when she heard of the single mother living in a car with her six children in WA because no one would rent her family a home. Moved by


Resolving common rental issues

Renting, rather than owning, can offer those who opt to do so the sort of flexibility that is often not available to those who own and maintain their own family home or investment property. However, it isn’t always plain sailing for tenants who rely on landlords or agents to respond to issues quick


How to Use Technology to Secure Tenants FAST!

If you’re looking at leasing your home or rental investment property in the Perth market of 2017, things look a whole lot different than they did even just a decade ago. Today technology plays a pivotal role in leasing property. Abel Property Investor Service Manager Katherine Kruger says there is


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